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Lotus and Luna

Lotus and Luna Men’s Bracelet

Lotus and Luna Men’s Bracelet

$17.99 USD

Multi- Color Varies
Turquoise Blue
Tiger Eye
Lava and cream
Multi earth and Jasper
Black and white

Hematite is an earthly stone that connects the mind, body, and spirit, and seals the wares aura to protect it from other energies.

Wood Longevity Wood, a material of life and nature, brings strength and wisdom to those who wear it. It has been appreciated through the ages for its benefits in longevity, life, and connection to the natural world.

 Lava Stone Strength  (Chakra: Root)

The oldest stone in the world, Lava Stonegrounds the wearer, providing strength and courage during times of change. Add a drop of essential oil to 1-3 beads and enjoy the therapeutic benefits it brings.


Turquoise Protection (Chakra: Throat)

Turquoise has been worn by ancient warriors throughout history for protection. It invokes leadership and communication.