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Fame Accessories Gold Hoops
From $18.99 - $27.99
Goddaughters Goddaughters- Angel on my shoulder Necklace
Forever Bellissima Forever Bellissima Earrings
Florida Sea Turtle Earth Day Turtle Bracelet
Roman You are my North Star Necklace and Bracelet
WishStrings Big Hug Bracelet
Scout Scout Teardrop Stone Necklace Wrap Bracelet
Silver Sparrow Silver Sparrow Drop Duos necklaces
WishStrings Just a little reminder that you are so loved
Perimade and company Birthstone Bracelets
WishStrings Gemstone chip bracelet
Mio Queena Morse Code Necklace- Expressive
Amano Studio Tiny Zodiac Medallion
From $35.99 - $36.00
Scout Scout Gabby Stud Trio
Moonglow Moonglow - Gray Agate Crystal Beaded Necklace
Scout Scout Mini Metal Stacking Bracelet
Scout Scout Good Karma Ombré w Chain Bracelet
WishStrings Daughter Another Word for Best Friend
Scout Ella Stud Trio
Lotus and Luna Braided Puka Men’s Bracelets
Mio Queena Bohemian Hand-Woven Magnetic Buckle Leather Bracelet
Roman You are Loved Necklace and/ or Bracelet
From $18.99 - $21.99
Alexa’s angels Guardian Angel Jewelry
WishStrings Mum Heart of the Family