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Joanne Tipping - Owner Artist - Craftywillows LLC

I have a passion for nature, combined with a love for enchantment, and all things magical. This helps me to create my carvings - which are handcrafted with many natural materials found from the woods around my home.

Joe Morgan


I love the idea of functioning art. I feel that it adds more purpose to the work. Some of my inspiration of clocks stems from the idea of time being a persist illusion, quoted by Einstein. By creating different themes of clocks, I feel as if I create a different appearance of time with each piece. A goal of mine is for the audience to be able to have a moment of zen while admiring the artwork.

Arthur Lapidus - Paradox Design Werx


Arthur Lapidus founded Paradox Design Werx in 2015 with his wife. Arthur’s signature style artwork includes steampunk sculpture and industrial style furniture. Interested in custom piece? Arthur can also incorporate your vintage tools in the design to create family heirlooms.

Stacey Pydynkowski

Stacey Pydynkowski is a painter of thoughts and emotions. She graduated from Saint Vincent College with bachelor’s degrees in psychology and studio arts and is enchanted by the magic of the creative process - how pigments merge to convey a spectrum of emotion and depth beyond the confines of language. She is a cancer survivor, and while traveling the path to health, used her paintbrush as a tool to document and make sense of the journey. She is an advocate for art in public places to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to connect with and find comfort and strength in visual imagery. Her work has been displayed in a variety of galleries, libraries, and universities. She is represented by Firbox Studios in Carnegie, PA.

Ray Kuchinka

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Raymond Kuchinka is a graduate of Jeanette H.S. He earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts from IUP. He spent summers working as a caricature artist at Idlewild Park. Today he works as a graphic artist and illustrator, but continues to draw caricatures at events and festivals. He performs live painting at art shows and events including the “Paints the Town” series for the Westmoreland Arts & Heritage Festival and Westmoreland Cultural Trust’s “Art in The Alley” project. Ray also plays harmonica for the band East Coast Turnaround.

Norma Rowley

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Norma Rowley is a local artist and photographer who specializes in pet portraits and wildlife photography. She likes to pair some of her work with quotes and sayings to provide inspiration, encouragement and a bit of humor. Norma’s pet portraits capture the unique personality of each animal and reflect her lifelong love of animals and nature.

Westmoreland Photography Society

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The WPS promotes the art and science of photography through monthly meetings, group outings, and photography exhibits. We encourage our members to share their collective experiences and diverse knowledge of photography with everyone in the group.

Richard P. Rauso

I have enjoyed painting watercolors since 1992. Landscape Architecture serves as a catalyst for my interest in painting landscapes, floral, and natural scenes. For the past 20 years I have studied watercolors with various local artists, won local awards for my art, enjoyed teaching watercolor classes and have been selected as a member of the Pittsburgh Watercolor Society. My Watercolors are for sale or I can paint by commission. You can view my online Watercolor Gallery of paintings on Facebook for purchase or E-mail me a picture of your favorite object or scene. Watercolors make wonderful personalized gifts!!!

Bob Weaver

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Some of Bob Weaver’s act endeavors include, but aren’t limited to mural painting, caricature art, portrait art, book illustrations, fine art painting, scenery production, and live speed paintings. His favorite mediums are pen and ink, acrylic paint, and watercolor. Since retirement from teaching, Bob has actively pursued his deep interest and passion for producing new and original artwork.

Jeffrey Carroll - Retired School Teacher - 30+ years Jeannette City School District

During my 40+ years of painting, (acrylic on canvas) my sole purpose has always been purely self -indulgent and driven by my chosen subject matter… People that I consider “larger than life.“ Faces eyes lips hair and hands have and always will “move” me emotionally more than any form of nature and/or inanimate objects ever could. Although my work has slightly evolve through the years, form hard line figures -to a slightly more impressionistic approach, I still prefer to keep my work consistent with what I have always loved to do, people and faces. Presently I remain clueless when it comes to marketing my artwork. Monetary gain will always be secondary in my artistic mindset.

Dan Overdorff

I was born in Mount Pleasant Pennsylvania and received my Bachelors of Landscape Architecture from West Virginia University in 2008, Associate of Fine Arts from Westmoreland County Community College in 2011 and Vocational Certification in Education from Indiana University of Pennsylvania in 2016. I serve as the Creative Maestro at You Area Here 406 Gallery in Jeanette along with being the founder and chief curator of the Headkeeper Artist Initiative in Greensburg, PA. I am also heavily involved in creating charitable events in the Southwest Pennsylvania area and currently teach landscape design as an instructor at Forbes Road Career and Technology Center in Monroeville.

As an interdisciplinary artist, my work is in a constant state of flux. My artwork focuses primarily on the creation of frozen moments in time through the mixing and clashing of various techniques which I like to call “Poporiginal Expressionism”. When someone is viewing my work, I want them to inspect the canvas not only for the content in the foreground, but for what lies beneath. The content of my current work explores pop culture references while embracing aspects of aboriginal art, abstract expressionism and color theory. The combining of these styles instills a sense of wonderment in the viewer at first glance, and then a realization of differing emotions once it is inspected further. While creating my work, I use a diverse range of painting and printmaking techniques while utilizing digital imagery, graphic design, and photography in my planning process.

Dan Senneway


Dan Senneway is a Pittsburgh artist and the creator of After Dark Illustrations- hand drawn digital illustrations

The whole town of Slippery Rock was dark except for the street lights and an occasional jagg offs' high beams flying by. Every so often their will be a light on in somones window, and I couldn't help but think of why? Why aren't they asleep? What is keeping them up ? But then also I could be asking myself the same questions, walking home from the studios at 3 in the morning..

When I first started drawing new stories for this fictional town, my goal was to express how much depth the darkness can bring. How many times I can draw it and yet feel different. The playgrounds, amusement parks and neighborhoods come to life in way you will not see during the day. The light shines into the dark which gives it personality, it shows us life. It says we live here and we are safe. But there are those who aren't in their homes. The ones who choose to wander, are the only ones who notice just how beautiful the night can be. These are the stories from the After Dark a town always shrouded in night, Inspired by songs, stories and my own personal experiences.

Melissa Reed

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Born in rural Pennsylvania in 1976, Melissa Reed is an abstract mixed-media artist now living in Greensburg, Pennsylvania. After graduating from Greensburg Salem high school in 1994, Melissa then went on to receive her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in three dimensional design from Seton Hill University in 2003, where she graduated magna cum laude. Melissa takes her inspiration from the act of creating art itself, often allowing the piece to self-create through automatic drawing and painting. Her work has an organic feel, enlivened by rich colors.

Jack Otto

John L.Otto ( Jack) Born and raised in Manor Pa. friends will say jack was always drawing ..he had a drawing stand in his bedroom . His father also drew . Jack got As in art and graduated from Art Institute of Pittsburgh at the top of his class . He took commercial art and interior planning. His career was interrupted when he was drafted (3 x ) and was schooled in Military matters at Ft. Benning, Ft. Campbell,and Ft.Harrison. He was sent to Vietnam with the 18th Military Police in the Central Highlands experiencing 4 different phases of duty including 3 months of river patrol with the US Navy and the 1968 TET offensive . Returned to the USA just in time to be assigned to the Baltimore Riots over the killing of Martin Luther King with the Md. National guard . Returning to civilian life he was a designer of medical facilities like Cleveland Clinic and local Hospitals. After11 years he moved with his wife’s promotions from Ohio,Wisconsin to San Francisco Chicago. He worked with Columbia University Presbyterian Hospital in NYC .. Building interiors for 3 new structures.

Since 1988 he has done military art , Manor Railroad and structures . He is a member of Westmorland Vietnam Veterans .org.His hobby is drawing equipment and depictions of military . Brigades, battalions ,divisions ,Units of all who served in Vietnam .He gives drawings away free to Vietnam veterans celebrating their service . He is a historian at heart...and shares his knowledge with library’s , VFWs , flags across America Etc. He has been featured on TV News channel 4 and Steel City news . He was given a proclamation by The County Westmorland . It must be noted Jack never showed his work publicly until Tracy invited him to display it in Feathers Artist Market. Contact Feathers to get a message to him - 412-930-1954

He always has a showing at Feathers for the month of July and August. During that time we have coffee for veterans on a certain day of the week to be announced. It is a meet and greet with Jack.

Dianne Campbell - Reclaimed Roots, BFA/Owner

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Dianne Campbell graduated from Penn Trafford High School and then went on to Calvin College in Grand Rapids, MI where she earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts. Her work includes painting on reclaimed wood and more recently, making ceramic essential oil jewelry. Having fibromyalgia herself, and 3 out of 4 of her children having autoimmune disorders, has influenced Dianne to move into this new direction and medium. Essential oils have helped her and her family feel better, and get through times of pain and fatigue. She wants to help other people by incorporating her art with diffusing "on the go". The backs of her ceramic pendants, bracelet center-pieces and even earrings are all left porous to absorb essential oils and enable people to diffuse all throughout the day. In most mediums, Dianne's style is repurposing "left behind" materials and making them beautiful once more, in a different way ~ a different light. Her interests lie within capturing the enchantment of trees, flowers, the moon and sun individually, or together in landscape form. Whether it's by painting on old wood or drawing into or pressing old vintage buttons/objects into clay, she desires to bring such things back to life... with a little love.

She has been working at Feathers Artist Market and Gifts in retail and also has had the wonderful opportunity to teach some painting classes. Dianne displayed her paintings there in a couple of gallery events, and currently has some of her jewelry in their shop. She has participated in a Greensburg Art Center gallery event, and is also a member of You Are Here women in art.

Always take the time to nurture
the roots of who you are.
Branch out and reclaim your happiness
by loving yourself, a little more.

Pamela Cooper - Metaphorically Views

Pamela Cooper is an award winning regional artist. She is a graduate from Seton Hill University with a B.S. in Graphic Arts and a minor in Fine Arts. She Also obtained her Teaching Certification there as well. Her “Metaphorical Views,” is a series of paintings created in the summer of 2018. Bridges can be seen as metaphors in our lives. The transformation that occurs throughout our lives can be seen in a bridge. The subject matter will vary in many of my works but you will always note the initial emotional reaction.

“When I first saw it (a bridge), I experienced a powerful emotional reaction.” Even at a young age, Pamela could connect with their composition and harmony. She says, you can see it in the pieces that she has created in this series. People have said that they have become stimulated and engaged in their creative qualities. Some of the paintings are abstracted in form, but still gives you a clarity of unity with the flowing lines, shapes and textures;undeniable in contrast and form.Their majestic beauty derives from their structural form in a naturally harmonious context. It is almost an unintended consequence of their structure- the strength of the flow of their internal forces. Pamela also works in a variety of mediums and styles.You can find her work on Facebook, Pamela Cooper Gallery.

Mike Schiavone

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Mike Schiavone is a painter that lives and works in the North Side of Pittsburgh. His hyper-realistic work is inspired by the transformative nature of light's interaction with glass and other common, everyday objects. His work also celebrates the cultural traditions and the unique character of Pittsburgh and Western Pennsylvania. You can find Mike's work available for purchase on the web at, on Etsy Etsy at Original Fine Art Prints by SchiavoneStudios,. To preview his work, and keep updated on new work and exhibitions, you can find Mike on Facebook at Schiavone Studios, or Instagram @mike_schiavone. Originals, paper prints, canvas reproductions and originals are available!

Kristy Dubinsky

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Kristy Dubinsky is a professional artist, educator, and co-author of the book Women Who Influence. In the book she shares her story of becoming an inspiring artist and her desire to create and influence. She earned her BFA with a concentration in ceramics from Edinboro University of Pennsylvania in 2002 and completed her teaching degree at Carlow University in 2004. Kristy’s artistic passions started at a young age and through the years she has built a diverse portfolio, including realistic paintings, abstract works, mixed medias, drawings, ceramics, photography, and chainsaw carvings. Kristy shares her artistry by exhibiting her works nationally and internationally.

Kristy’s talents have led her to receive recognitions and awards at the local, national, and international level. She has done various commissions for clients and businesses in various mediums and subject matters ranging from public murals and chainsaw carvings, to personal paintings and drawings. She has been fortunate to have had the opportunity to build a business with her work utilizing her summers and time after work.

Kristy believes that by sharing her creative talent, inspirations, and love for the arts she can encourage others to think, feel, and portray their surroundings in a new manner as well as gain an appreciation for art. She thinks that everyone has a creative side, some may need a little assistance to bring it out, but all anyone really needs to do is just reach inside.

Norwin Art League

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For over 60 years, the Norwin Art League (NAL) has been providing art education classes for adults and children throughout the Irwin area and many of its surrounding communities. With more than 150 members, it is one of the area’s largest and most successful not-for-profit leagues.

Classes and workshops are available for both members and non-members and offer a variety of media, including oil painting, watercolors, mosaics, and acrylics, just to name a few. These courses are available for beginners to experienced artists and are held during the day, with evening classes as well. Each season offers a variety of new and interesting classes and workshops and NAL’s experienced instructors provide guidance and encouragement at all levels. In addition, check out NAL’s birthday parties for children. One of NAL’s largest events is hosting its annual art exhibit for the art league community. It’s a four-day event filled with amazing talent, fun and prizes. Beautiful works of art will be on display from participants and it is a great opportunity for people to get together with their fellow artists, share ideas and socialize.

Many NAL members are currently exhibiting their art at the Norwin Chamber of Commerce, Commercial Bank and Dr. Jill Constantine’s office. In addition to the exposure these venues offer, many members have sold their art this way.

Become a member now and create your own artistic experience!

Matthew Alaia

If you would like to purchase any of his artwork please contact Tracy at Feathers Artist Market. 412–930–1954. Matthew was on a boy scouting canoe trip for a week this summer when he took the pictures of the earth's beauty that are a part of his display. "He has a great eye, " Alaia said.

Macy Alaia

Contact Tracy at Feathers if you would like to purchase. 412-930-1954. Macy's display mostly features portraits that she drew. "Her artist's ability to capture faces amazes me. That is a gift, " Alaia said. Macy also recently completed a mural at Candys Corner Cafe in Irwin, depicting Irwin when the trolleys were running.