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Heating pad. Word on the street

Heating pad. Word on the street

$29.00 USD

The cutest collection of Heating Pads ever! Made to provide warmth and relaxation whenever you need them, these Heating Pads feature the softest sherpa on the back and are filled with wheat on the inside! Heat up in the microwave to keep you warm, or put it in the freezer to cool you off! Perfect for snuggling up on the couch at the end of a long day, or soothing aches and pains any time you need relief!

(The Word on the Street Sherpa Heating Pad is a part of our FEARLESS Collection which helps educate, empower, and reduce the stigma of anxiety disorders. A portion of proceeds from the FEARLESS Collection gives back to JACK Mental Health AdvocacyTo learn more about anxiety and how to get help, visit our FEARLESS Resource Page