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Moonglow - Multi colored beaded bracelet

Moonglow - Multi colored beaded bracelet

$64.99 USD


Celebrating rainbow babies and mommies alike, the Harper Bracelet pays homage to those we welcomed into this world, and those we loved but never had the chance to meet. Inspired by the artwork of quadruple “rainbow” baby Harper McGowan, this bracelet embodies the idea that even after the darkest storm, a rainbow can brighten the sky.The Moon is with us for all our moments, those of silent sorrow and immense happiness. It is featured on this bracelet from any date that will forever have a hold on your heart. With multi-colored beads and a gold band, this beautiful piece will celebrate your miracle. A portion of proceeds will be donated to UH Rainbow Foundation supporting rainbow families everywhere. call 412-930-1954 to find out your moon

- 10mm moon image

- 7.5" non-adjustable (19cm)